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Dutch Thrustleader Marine Propulsion (DTLMP) is your ONE-STOP-SHOP for marine thruster propulsion solutions and ship design.

Dutch Thrustleader Marine Propulsion is your dedicated partner and system integrator for marine azimuth thrusters, bow thrusters, deck mounted thrusters and retractable thrusters. Our thrusters are meant for propelling, manoeuvring, mooring and positioning keeping.

DTLMP is holding its headquarter in Papendrecht, The Netherlands (nearby Rotterdam Harbour). It has a sales office in Shanghai and production facilities & support in Jiangsu; China.

We combine over more than 50 years of expertise in marine propulsion systems and ship design.

Thrustleader is ISO9001/2015 - GB/T19001/2016 certified.

Dutch Thrustleader Marine Propulsion provides:

- azimuth thrusters, bow thrusters, deck mounted thrusters and retractable thrusters

- control systems for thrusters with interfaces for DP, AutoPilot, Hybrid propulsion and single joystick control

- dynamic positioning systems (Thrustleader Brand)

- Integrated marine propulsion systems,

- specialized hybrid propulsion systems,

- ship design and engineering,

- maintenance & services.

- sales and after sales of end products and spare parts,

Thrust leader’s integrated solution interfaces with Dynamic Positioning systems.

In addition Dutch Thrustleader Marine Propulsion can supply stabilizers, generator sets, conventional drive systems and PTO's. All products to be "Configured to Order".

All our products are of commercial grade and meet all class requirements.

Bow Thruster

Transverse thrust

Azimuth Thruster

Well Mounted

Azimuth Thruster

Well Mounted Contra-rotating Propeller

Azimuth Thruster

Deck Mounted

Azimuth Thruster



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Control System

Touch Panel Operated

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